Hi as we see the world and see the change in our lives the system we were raised in is falling apart. This is not something new it’s been happening for some time. All you hear about is people getting laid off and keep losing your job so when very little people have jobs what then?

You’re here because you know the world is changing. You’re worried about your family and how things are going to change. It usta be at one point you go to work and you maid enough to take care of your family now both parents are working and having a hard time making in by month to month. When everyone loses their job that they work so hard for give their life to complete and it just goes out the window.

Sorry in advance for pointing out what most people already know. we are constructing a whole new way of living. With a whole new way of life. If you want to live in a place where you can go to work and everything is provided. sounds good right well it’s simple we farm  and build homes. We will have stores wear all the food goes to and when you need food you go in and get some. We will set up solar for power and wind also use wood and electric for heat. We will have schools for the kids community center for us to eat at in a group for whosoever chooses to. We will also fish hunt and live a beautiful place to call our home. Everyone’s home is there’s own as long as they live in it they can not be sold if someone wishes  to leave the house goes back to the community. We will grow crops and raise livestock. Hear people can pick a carrier they want not something they had to settle for to pay the bills. Not all jobs we do will be a favorite. So if you have any questions please read the sight and if you still have questions email



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